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  • 11-20-2013
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Marisol is a sweet, fresh-faced Russian girl with blue eyes and natural brown hair. She is 5'5 and a very thin girl weighing a mere 103 pounds. She is hardly a frail one, though, and this is evident in the lesbian anal hardcore action that I've seen her in. Marisol is a super sexy vixen and although she is in her early twenties, she really knows how to work it in front of the camera. She has small little breasts and she has a hot 33-24-35 figure and even though she isn't super tall, she has a fantastic pair of legs.

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Date added: 11-20-2013 Rating:
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Date added: 11-15-2013 Rating:
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Date added: 06-08-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 09-25-2009 Rating:
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