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Sunny Diamond sizzles! She's a busty blonde with blue eyes and tit fans will be more than happy to note that those big D-cups she has are 100 per cent all-natural. She also happens to have a pretty face and a great ass! Sunny Diamond is a Hungarian babe who was born on March 9, 1987. She is 5'6 and 109 pounds. She has been working in porn for at least a year and she always seems like she is eager to please. Whether she is being fist fucked by other hot babes or being filled by cock and cum, this is one chick that will make your day.

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Date added: 02-20-2013 Rating:
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Date added: 02-08-2013 Rating:
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Date added: 07-21-2012 Rating:
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Date added: 11-19-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 10-25-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 06-17-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 06-08-2011 Rating:
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