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  • 02-02-2013
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Gloria Miller started to make porn videos in 2012. She is absolutely into anal games much to the delight of the ass-lover pornfans. She has an incredibly feminine, natural body with a sexy hour-glass figure, a lovely pair of tits and a fuckable butt. Gloria has already done many solo, naughty lesbian and hardcore anal BG scenes, and she doesn't seem to stop in work!

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Date added: 02-02-2013 Rating:
Like 96
Dislike 10
Date added: 01-30-2013 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 5
Date added: 01-19-2013 Rating:
Like 120
Dislike 17
Date added: 11-01-2012 Rating:
Like 132
Dislike 21
Date added: 10-27-2012 Rating:
Like 144
Dislike 15
Date added: 10-19-2012 Rating:
Like 126
Dislike 13
Date added: 10-05-2012 Rating:
Like 249
Dislike 13