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What a cute little blondie! Lola Taylor is one of the sweetest Russian newbies in the porn area. She has an all natural body with soft skin, small tits and an oh-so-fuckable butt. And don't forget about her beautiful smile and naughty eyes! Check out her anal BG scenes on the Network!

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Date added: 02-01-2015 Rating:
Like 165
Dislike 11
Date added: 09-06-2014 Rating:
Like 181
Dislike 13
Date added: 08-30-2014 Rating:
Like 205
Dislike 9
Date added: 11-16-2013 Rating:
Like 174
Dislike 12
Date added: 09-14-2013 Rating:
Like 173
Dislike 13
Date added: 09-01-2013 Rating:
Like 220
Dislike 9
Date added: 06-28-2013 Rating:
Like 197
Dislike 19
Date added: 06-20-2013 Rating:
Like 248
Dislike 14